The power of game

Game is a kind of entertainment which has big influence for people. Every one interested to try game. Game has big attractive power. Then, what the hidden things which make every one interested in playing game?  There are two reasons which make people interested with game. The first, game can be used to spend their spare time. Then, game also decreases their stress.

In general, people want to do something in their spare time. If they are not to do something, their life will be bore. It’s because they don’t have any activity. So, people choose to do something which makes them happy. Game is one of interesting activity more than anything. People could spend their time more than six hours to play game. With big attractive power, game can make people addicted to play it. That makes people choose game to spend their spare time.

Game also removes people stress. Actually, high level stress could make people being crazy. That makes game as a solution to remove their stress level. The GUI, scene, and the story of the game could help recover everyone from the stress. They increase the probability and the chance to recover people from the stress.

In the conclusion, game is an interesting entertainment which used to spend people spare time. In addition, game also decreases people stress.


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